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Dining Instructions

  • 1. upon receival, safely organise the grill on top of the table-top stone provided
  • 2.  Locate Stone base on suitable heat resistant surface. Do not place on valuable or porous surfaces such as natural stone.
  • 3.  Snip the cable ties & Fill the hibachi grill water basin (perimeter surrounding the charcoal brazier) 1cm under the rim 
  • 4. Light a fire-starter slit located in the middle of the charcoal pile, wait approximately 45 minutes for the charcoals to be completely lit (DO NOT PLACE BBQ METAL GRATE ONTOP OF GRILL UNTIL THE CHARCOAL IS READY)
  • 5. before cooking, ensure the setup is located in a highly ventilated  outdoor area, please keep in mind that meats may cause flames. it is advised to move the meat on the outside perimeter of the grill top if this occurs
  • 6. Once concluded with meal, allow the coals to ash before handling the grill. Ensure that all components of the grill & EQUIPMENT are stowed SAFELY together READY FOR PICKUP (All pickups will be arranged for Monday Or Tuesday


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